Cairo Airport Informational Guide to Cairo International Airport (CAI) - Non Official

Cairo Airport Parking

In case you leave your car at Cairo Airport, find the following options.

Parking lots

Take a look at the parking facilities in Cairo Airport:

Terminal Building 1

These facilities have capacity for 3,612 vehicles and count with both short term and long term options. 

Parking Lot 1

Located at the Departure Hall 1: 930 spaces.

Parking Lot 2

At the Arrival Hall 2: 695 spaces.

Parking Lot 3

At the Departure Hall 2 upper level plus pilots parking: 127 spaces.

Parking Lot 4

At the Departure Hall 2 external plus pilots parking: 113 spaces.

Parking Lot 5

At the Arrival Hall 2 lower level: 135 spaces.

Parking Lot 6

At the Arrival Hall 2 external: 126 spaces.

Parking Lot 7

Arrival and Departure Hall 3: 311 spaces.

Parking Lot 8 

Long term parking: 775 spaces.

Parking Lot 9 

VIP Parking: 400 spaces.

Terminal Building 3

This parking lot counts with 27,000 square meters and is able to handle 1,300 vehicles.

Multi-storey garage

It is located between Terminals 1 and 3 for 3,000 cars. 

The automated train transfers between terminals and garages.